Price is Right Hits the Sault


After over 8,000 shows on television, the Essar Centre was packed tonight for some lucky people to get their taste of The Price is Right!

Running for over 30 years, this popular television game show had a wide variety of contests and games, all with the same basic challenge: guess the prices of everyday (and some not-so-everyday) items. The contestants whose estimates were the closest would win the prizes and move on to more difficult games with even bigger prizes.

That’s what was happening at the Essar Centre tonight when folks were asked to COME ON DOWN!

Originally hosted by Bob Barker, this popular show was later hosted by the even-more popular Drew Carey. But folks always remembered “to have your pets spayed or neutered,” as Barker would say after ever show.


  1. A couple of things here….the show has been on for over 40 years (currently in its 45th season) and the show is currently hosted by Drew Carey who, although as a huge fan of the show I’ve grown to accept and enjoy, doesn’t even come close to Bob Barker in popularity when it comes to Price is Right.

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