Sault College Retrains Workers through Second Career

Sault College

Sault College offers many high-quality educational options to prepare students for employment in meaningful careers, including retraining through the Second Career program. This year, we are proud to announce that more than 50 students are enrolled at Sault College as part of the Second Career program.

The Second Career program provides financial assistance to support the retraining of workers who have been laid off. Those enrolled in the program receive funding to help with the costs associated with attending a post-secondary school, such as: tuition and textbooks. Some may also be eligible for a living allowance while attending school.

“Second Career provides a tremendous opportunity for a laid off worker who is unable to find employment,” says Linda Ryan, Director, Employment Solutions.  “Job loss can be a devastating life circumstance and often the individual doesn’t know where to turn. It is at this point that a consultant at Employment Solutions can help by providing career coaching, labour market info and, when appropriate, access to Second Career.”

Since the program’s inception, Sault College has helped to develop life-long, transferable skills to many who have taken advantage of Second Career. “Over the years, Sault College has retrained in fields, such as: nursing, office administration, mechanical, welding, and computer programming, just to name a few,” adds Linda. “The individual sets the direction and the employment consultant guides them through the process.”

Returning to school can be a life changing opportunity. This was definitely the experience of Second Career recipient Brandi Wilson. “When my place of employment closed, I knew that Second Career was my best option. I wanted to do meaningful work, and as a mother of three, I knew that enrolling in the Early Childhood Education program at Sault College would help me to reach this goal,” says Brandi. “Qualifying for Second Career allowed me to receive funding for various expenses, such as tuition, textbooks, child care and transportation costs,” she added.

After graduating from Sault College in May 2016, Brandi went on to obtain her dream job as an Early Childhood Educator. “Because of Second Career I was able to return to school and show my children that it is never too late to start over. With hard work, determination and support, you can make anything happen,” shares Brandi.

It is not too late to take advantage of the Second Career program as Sault College offers programs with a January start date. Individuals who would like more information about Second Career funding can contact Employment Solutions at 705.945.0705 or [email protected].  For more information about Sault College programs, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 705.759.6700.


About Employment Solutions

Employment Solutions offers a full range of employment programs and services for both job seekers and employers in the Sault Ste. Marie area. Free access to computers, the internet, a photocopier/fax machine and other tools to assist with job search are available. Employment Solutions offers employment consulting services, employment related workshops and an extensive job posting board updated daily with local postings and unadvertised positions. For employers, Employment Solutions provides a job posting service (confidential if requested) and can assist with résumé collection, pre-screening and the referral of qualified candidates among other services. Located in the Station Tower, 421 Bay Street, 4th Floor, Employment Solutions programs and services are funded by the Ontario government. Nos services sont aussi disponibles en français. Visit our website at to learn more.

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