Stolen Dog returned


The small dog that was allegedly stolen from a home in Desbarats is back with his family.

Benji was reported stolen at the end of August and his story spread on social media and at the time. The owner claims the dog was stolen, from her home where she had the dog tied up while on a small vacation.  “We had left for a family trip on Thursday morning on the 25th and weren’t returning until Sunday night. Both my dogs were left at home in the care of my In-laws. ” Sky said.

Benji’s story however came with some controversy.  As the story went viral on social media, a number of people started posting that the dog was rescued not stolen.

Benji was found Tuesday behind their house in a cornfield with the chain still around his neck. received a note on Tuesday concerning Benji, “This story she
posted on facebook and other sites has been twisted so much there is
no truth to it.

Some reports to indicated that the owner neglected the dog and that’s why Benji was “rescued” by an unidentified person.

Benji is back home as seen with Sky’s son yesterday.

The owner (Sky) denied the allegations telling ” Opp was called first thing Monday morning as well as the Township office, humane society and it was posted Sunday night all over Facebook. I was in contact with the dog catcher from Johnson Township which I thought took care of all of Desbarats but apparently not. Johnson and Tarbutt are both Desbarats.”

Like a number of dogs, Benji had run off before but the owner says even then, she was out looking for him even though she could barely walk due to an accident earlier in the year. “If I didn’t care for my baby I wouldn’t have wasted my time, when I could barely move no less, looking for him. Our dogs are our babies and are loved so much by us and our children.

According to the owner, she believes the dog was taken by someone in the Desbarats area but returned the dog once the uproar on social media began. “How dare anyone accuse us of neglect when they apparently had our baby in their back field and left him there, and didn’t say a thing until yesterday, knowing we’ve been looking everywhere for him. There is no way Benji could unbolt himself, someone did and before this, I had no idea who did…now I have an idea.

Benji is now back home with his family and the owner says Benji lives in the house because he is part of their family. For now the family says it is relieved that Benji is back home ,”we couldn’t be happier!”


  1. People are going to say what they want and…whatever? Actually that could not be more true. Now what kind of pet owner goes on”vacation” for 4 days and leaves their “beloved” dog tied up outside? This broad just wants attention and drama and could not care less about her dog(s)..The dog should have been taken to the humane society where it could be treated for its neglect it had for a week and a half. And seriously…who would steal a dog chain and all? It probably was glad to break free only to get tangled up in a burr bush in a ditch in a farmers field. I do not think that these people went looking for their beloved pet even once. Also if u live in the country would u not be worried a coyote or bear would get your little dog??? oh ya your inlaws were looking after it what a bunch of B.S… some people should not allowed to have pets!!!

  2. People are going say what the want, and honestly….whatever. Anyone who knows us would know our dogs are our world. Both of our dogs were left in good care while we were away, Benji was unbolted by someone, my father in law searched for him and came up empty. We reported it and searched and, a week and a half later, he was brought home safe and sound where he belongs. Thankyou to everyone who assisted in the search for our Benji. We couldn’t be happier.

  3. BTW if a pet goes missing it is always a good idea to talk to your neighbours. If Sky’s neighbours had known the dog was missing then they may have investigated the barking in the field sooner. Benji could have been found a lot sooner.

  4. Ok I’m the dog catcher for the tarbutt township where Benji went missing. He was found by a neighbour in the field behind both of their houses. He had been there for some time. I don’t know how he did it but I do believe he just escaped and went on a tour. I know this area well and I know that someone would not “rescue” the dog and just leave it to roam with all the chain still dragging behind him. He seemed to be in good health just a little rough from his adventure.

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