Police looking for suspect in double stabbing


On the 31st of August 2016 just before 8 pm City Police attended in the area of Albert Street West and Cathcart Street after 911 calls were received regarding two persons being stabbed.
An altercation took place after an adult male assaulted a young male child by slapping him.

Two adult males stepped in and confronted the male, who in turn, stabbed them.
The two victims were taken to the Sault Area Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

The suspect was last seen headed eastbound on Cathcart Street. The male is described as being Caucasian, possibly in his 30’s, 5 feet 10 inches tall to 6 feet tall with a thin build. His hair is described as being blonde, and between a buzz cut to bald. He was wearing dark clothing.

Officers from Investigation Services are currently working on this investigation. No further details are being released at this time.

Anyone who has any information on these stabbings is asked to contact Investigation Services at 705-949-6300 at ext. 386


  1. Let me remind you this is at a park where children play. In this neighbourhood bad things happen often, often enough for am officer to patrol once an hour maybe two and things souldnt happen in the area as much

  2. See the ball cap in the photo on this story? Mr. stabby left that behind when he ran. Recognize it? Please call police immediately if you do. The person who committed this crime is not known to anyone in the area.

    An update on the victims for anyone interested, one man was released from hospital late last night with a deep stab wound to his upper bicep which required a bunch of stitches. The other man remains in hospital, he had multiple stab wounds, to his lower back/mid-section and forearm.

    If anyone knows anything, please call police, this guy is deranged to walk up unannounced and smack (and hard!!) a young child that he didn’t even know, then start stabbing people. He needs to be off the streets, and fast.

  3. Another example of finding out about a serious crime from the media and not the police. I just looked at the police website and it says “Nothing of significant to report. ” !!!??? Really? Two men being seriously stabbed by a complete stranger is not significant?? We have a stabber at large, don’t you think the public might want to know that?? The victims do not know the assailant, this was not some beef between people known to eachother, this is a crazed lunatic that pulls a knife and stabs people!! The police are making me feel less and less safe in this city, with their lack of transparency to the public. If saultonline wouldn’t have reported about some sketched out naked guy in a woman’s van, we wouldn’t know about it. If saultonline didn’t report on this double stabbing, we wouldn’t know about it. This is unacceptable!

    • Where do you think they got this information?? – it’s a media release from the police – the police realize that normal people don’t visit their website, but will visit media. The police use media to get the word out on serious crimes – as it has for as long as I can remember – wow.

      • Yo ‘Me’ ….I posted my comment at 1:44pm, HOURS before the cops released the info above. My post was in response to the previous edit of this story, BEFORE saultonline had any police info, they wrote up what they received in tips from citizens. SaultOnline broke the story last night, and this morning did another write up…WELL before the police said anything to the public. IN FACT I will go so far as to say cops might not have issued any release if saultonline had not done their own reporting on the incident. Cops HAD to say something after the two stories on this site.

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