Wynne proroguing Ontario legislature, throne speech to be delivered Monday


Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is proroguing the legislature so that her government can deliver a new throne speech Monday.

A speech from the throne is an opportunity for the Liberal government to outline a new set of priorities less than two years away from the next provincial election.

Major pieces of legislation for the government’s previous priorities have already been passed, including ones to enable a cap and trade system and the partial sale of Hydro One.

All government bills are being kept active, including election finance reforms, but it’s not yet clear what will happen to private members’ bills.


  1. Seriously, it’s far too late for any kind of “speech” unless it’s announcing her resignation.
    She’s already done max damage and alienated everyone.
    How could anyone screw a country over like this and expect to keep their job?
    Now she is pretending to be concerned about the ridiculous power rates we pay and all the while continue to give the U.S. millions of dollars to take all of our excess “green” power.
    How stupid does she think people are?

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