46 charged over the weekend


This past weekend officers from both Traffic and Patrol Services participated in Operation Impact, an operation with a goal to make our roads safer and reduce traffic related injuries and deaths.

Officers conducted enforcement activities targeting impaired driving, seat belt use, and all aspects related to aggressive and distracted driving.

As a result of this initiative 46 Highway Traffic Act charges were issued for offences such as speeding, cell phone use, and seatbelts.

Also 1 driver was charged with over .08 and impaired driving, while another was issued a 3 day suspension for registering a Warn on roadside screening device.

3 drivers were charged with driving while suspended, 2 of which were repeat offenders.


  1. Reg… how do you think these drugs are transported? By law abiding citizens that wear seat belts don’t speed and oh right. .. text or call the location …
    If you think it’s a waste of time, come down to Jamestown. .written and Carmen way where there’s an obvious sign to YIELD Terry when i go there to cross the road with my granddaughter and our little dog, i see SEVERAL trying to manipulate the steering wheel while going swiftly around the corner only to see us AFTER my arms jabbed waved through the air like a mad woman usually yelling SLOW DOWN or GET OF THE PHONE DUMBASS or YOU DON’T SEE A YIELD SIGN BUDDY! ?
    I’m glad there are the few that see us, and either wait for us to cross safely … thank you to those with consideration for others. ..it makes for a happy and healthy walk. .. and to those on the phones and speeding around like they’ve somewhere more important than the rest..
    One breath. ..take it deeply and exhale. ..it could be your last just like everyone else’s
    .. its not a race, it’s not going to be your demise if you are careful and cautious when on your way to wherever you are wishing to be. ..
    If not already, it’s only a few years away that you’ll be asking others for the consideration you refused the public. ..
    Drive safe please.

    • Yes. … i should have reread, however, i barely had time to write that (duty to the babe called). .. i meant queen and Carmen way and there’s a yield sign YET when i proceed to cross. . And the manipulation of the wheel is mostly done with a phone in hand or while seemingly trying to beat their last record of speed. .. please excuse my failure to proof read prior to clicking post. .. racp

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