Bear attack in West End of City


At 1:00 A.M. on October 01, 2016 City Police took a report of a female being attacked by a bear in the West Braemar Bay area.  The victim reported that she heard a noise in behind her residence and went to investigate.  She encountered a medium sized black bear that then stood up and swiped at the victim.  She received several cuts to her right thigh that required 17 staples to close.

The Ministry was notified and will be taking steps to deal with the bear.  Residents in the area are urged to use caution when outdoors and to report any sightings to the Police at 705-949-6300 and the Ministry at 1-888-514-2327.


  1. The headline is misleading. This wasn’t an attack, it was a startled bear reacting. My cousin was truly attacked by a bear in Wishart Park many years ago when he accidentally got between a sow and her cubs and he was worse off than this lady.
    I feel for her and the pain and fear she endured, but this is not the bear’s fault and it is rare that these bears do attack. Just think about the number of bear sightings this year alone yet this is the first incident. We’re invading their territory & need to learn to live with them. For example, there have been bears in my neighbourhood so I moved my garbage cans and recycling into my garage and am not setting pumpkins out on my front steps.

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