Colts capture a 19 point win over the Knights

In last night’s basketball action, the Korah Colts bested the St. Mary’s Knights on home court at Korah Collegiate.

As the first and second place teams in the league, both teams came out strong right from the start and held their own on the defensive end. This showed in the close score of 10-8 for the Colts at the end of the first quarter.

highschool basketballComing out in the second quarter, the Knights seemed to have lost their drive and were only able to put up 2 points. On the other hand, the Colts had a strong offensive quarter that enabled them to put up 12 points, to finish the half at 22-10.

In the second half of the game, the Colts came out even stronger offensively, putting up 18 points, while the Knights managed 8 points. This brought Korah to a 22 point lead at the end of the third quarter.

With a score of 40-18, all hope seemed lost for the Knights in their attempt to capture a win over the Korah Colts. But things took a turn when the Knights decided that they weren’t finished yet, coming into the fourth quarter stronger than ever on both the offensive and defensive end.

In the end the Knights proved that they are capable of competing with the top team in the league, putting up 12 points throughout the last quarter. But even though their defensive efforts were strong, the Colts still managed to put up 9 points to finish the game with a score of 49-30.

Leading scorers of the game included Tori Ivey and Averi Bodnar for the Colts and Taryn Lamorie and Rachel Rising for the Knights. Ivey put up 16 points, with Bodnar adding 11 more. Both Lamorie and Rising respectively put up 6 points each.

Also in senior action, White Pines narrowly defeated Superior Heights in a win of 28-26. Leading scorers included Darby Sewell (WP) with 9 points and Annie Damignani (SH) with  10 points.

In junior action, the Colts defeated the Knights 31-29 with Skylar Toms (KOR) and Jacey Duguay (SMC) both putting up 10 points.

The Steelhawks defeated the Wolverines 36-22 with both B. Corbett Lewis (SH) and Rain Brock (WP) putting up 8 points each.

The next basketball action will take place on Wednesday, October 19:

St. Marys College @ White Pines

Superior Heights @ Korah

Juniors @ 5:15pm                                       Seniors @ 7:00pm