Driver almost runs down woman and child in parking lot


On October 7, 2016 City Police received a 911 call regarding an erratic driver that allegedly hit 2 poles in an east end restaurant parking area.

The vehicle then left the parking area and allegedly the vehicle jumped the curb and almost hit a woman and child that were walking on the sidewalk. Police apprehended the accused and arrested her for impaired driving and later, after a breathilizer was administered a charge of having care or control of a motor vehicle while being over the legal limit was also issued.

The female driver age 46 is scheduled to appear in court on November 14th, 2016 at 9:00 am.





  1. Mark, extremely rare that I point out something like that… Does it make you nervous or something??? LOL…
    And Solange, I would be willing to bet my command of the english language is just as good, if not better than yours, thank you…Definitely don’t need lessons. If that’s all you can find to find fault with in the news today, you really need to get out more….LOLOL..

  2. Dont you get tired of always suggesting someone is a relative or something. When the names later get released is it a relative or big shot? No… This conspiracy bulls** gets a litlle old. My .02c

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