Electricity prices to remain the same come November 1

Power Bills

If the thought of your hydro bill going up again on November 1st has you worrying about keeping the lights on – fear no more!

For the first time in a decade, electricity prices in Ontario will remain unchanged come November 1st.

The Ontario Energy Board announced yesterday that it will not increase electricity rates for at least six months.

The prices are set by the OEB twice a year, in May and November.

The monthly cost of electricity for the average Ontario household using around 800 kwH monthly has gone up by about $30.76 a month Since May 2012. That amount doesn’t include the 10 per cent increase that households saw when the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit was eliminated in January.

The Ontario Liberals defend the high cost of electricity but consumers from all over the province have clearly had enough and the Wynne government is starting to listen.

Yesterday the government passed legislation to cut the 8 percent HST on power bills, that will come into effect January 1st, 2017

However, the new carbon tax also comes into effect on January first. Homes using natural gas will see their bills climb another 5 dollars a month to start and 4.5 cents will be added to gas prices. Both new taxes will also have the HST added to it.