Expanded electricity import capacity needed for future nuclear fiascos


In response to the Ontario government’s announcement it has reached a deal to import additional hydro electricity from Quebec, Shawn-Patrick Stensil, Senior Energy Analyst with Greenpeace Canada, said.

“This is commendable progress, but Premier Wynne should expand Ontario’s capacity to import low-cost water power to prepare for inevitable nuclear setbacks. History shows attempts to rebuild the Bruce and Darlington nuclear stations over the next decade will undergo huge cost over-runs and delays. We need increased hydro import capacity so future governments will have the latitude to expand Ontario-based renewables while backing away from Premier Wynne’s foolish commitment to rebuild ten out-dated reactors.” Stensil said.

Stensil noted Quebec closed its Gentilly-2 reactor in 2012 due to the risks and prohibitive cost of rebuilding it. In contrast, the Wynne government has approved rebuilding ten reactors at the Darlington and Bruce nuclear stations.