Government wants to hear from you regarding long term energy plans for Ontario


The price of electricity and the charges surrounding the delivery of power continues to be a major crisis for many homes and businesses in the province, but now the Ontario Liberals want to hear from you to help delevope a long term energy plan for Ontario.

In a release Thursday, Ontario is seeking public input to help develop the province’s next Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) to maintain a reliable supply of clean, affordable electricity.

Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault visited Holy Cross Elementary School in Sudbury to launch consultations with a Grade 5 class of students, who recently wrote to the minister with questions about energy issues in Ontario.

Those who want to put in their two cents are encouraged to go to
Share your ideas online starting on October 17;

or attend one of the in-person consultations across the province
Send in a written submission on the Environmental Registry

“Supporting a reliable supply of clean, affordable electricity is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.” the release said.

In reaction to Ontario Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault’s announcement that he would seek public input to develop the government’s next Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP), Shawn-Patrick Stensil, Senior Energy Analyst with Greenpeace Canada, said “This energy plan review should be an opportunity for the Wynne government to come clean on the true cost of nuclear power and ensure Ontarians can take advantage of the declining cost of renewable energy. More and more communities internationally are going 100% renewable to fight climate change, lower their energy bills and end their reliance on risky nuclear power. The future is renewable, and Ontario’s next energy plan should empower citizens and communities to take advantage of the declining cost of clean technologies.”

Meanwhile, closer to home, Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Michael Mantha will be meeting with Loggy Dinelle, owner of Dinelle’s Country Market in Echo Bay and Macdonald, Meredith & Aberdeen Mayor Lynn Watson to discuss the impact hydro rates and delivery charges are having on businesses in communities across Northern Ontario.  The town hall type meeting will be held at  Dinelle’s Country Market, Hwy 17B in Echo Bay on Saturday October 15th at 1:00 p.m.

If you recall, Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault was in Sault Ste. Marie last week to talk to community and business leaders about the government’s plan to cut the HST off electricity bills as of January 1st, however on the same day a new carbon tax will come into effect adding 4.3 cents a litre at the pumps and about $5 a month to home heating costs for natural gas, eliminating any savings to taxpayers from the cut off the HST on your power bills.




  1. Wanna has to go… she can’t run an ice cream stand… why does Ontario build all the green energy stuff…. only to have to much power that they have to “pay” other provinces or states to take the excess?… not rocket science here… the province should be reaping the benefits and reducing the bills for their own household/ business….Wynee is a joke…

    • Very good point, we get screwed into paying exorbitant prices for power, plus a ridiculous delivery charge while they pay the US to take all the excess power (which is most of it).
      Real fine system, bilk Canadians.
      The whole Fiberal party needs to go, but sadly there is no real suitable replacement.

      While we’re at it lets talk about gas price fixing while a gallon of gas in Soo Mich is only $2.35, which much of is hauled from Mcnabb street across the bridge to Soo Mich gas stations.

  2. All BS!

    Reason we are here is either
    sheer stupidity or people in places are profiting and that those same people will be taken care of once they leave office

    This has nothing to do with making Ontario energy efficient

    It has to do with money

  3. Bottom line is nothing will change.
    They have dug a hole so deep by squandering so many billions in taxpayer money that they can’t afford to reduce the cost of anything without burying the country in so much debt that it will never see the light of day.
    And the morons want to eliminate natural gas and have everyone heat with electricity.
    That’s what kind of an incompetent government we have.

  4. Here’s an idea or two, or ten… Stop building new windmills and solar mills while we have so much excess power. Charge a decent rate for the excess power we do have, you know, like any other general business. If it costs $1 to bring it into the store, you charge $2 to the consumer. Why does Michigan get cheap hydro on the backs of Canadians? In Sault Ste. Marie, you’d figure we’d just about have free power with all the nonsense around us but no, we pay some of the highest rates anywhere. Close the dirty nuclear plants if you’re so concerned with Clean, Green Energy. Keep Hydro One owned publicly because we all know what kind of fiasco that could turn into without regulatory oversight. And one more, in regards to the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit, you know, the one where a family can save $30-50 on their bill? Well, the power company I am with is not registered with the OEB Board so we cannot take advantage of this benefit even though we qualify. Make it mandatory that all energy providers must be registered or do away with the ridiculous registration process, just give the benefit to those who apply and are entitled to it. /rant

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