I Feel Sorry for American Voters


I was reminded of why politics should never be raised at a social function. Differing opinions can cause a lot of strife, frustration and tension; especially when it is not even our own politics.

What set me off was someone assuming that, if I had a vote in the United States, I would automatically vote for the female candidate simply because she is a woman. That was actually quite offensive to me.

Let me tell you where I stand – as of right now, I believe that both candidates are not suitable to be the President of the United States. I feel sorry for the situation that the voters are in, in our neighbouring country and if it is a choice between Mrs. “High and Mighty” versus Mr. “I Don’t Have a Filter”, the country is in trouble.

When it comes to election time, I look at the candidates themselves, as well as what the party represents. When there is a clear winner, based on personality and charisma, it is usually an easy decision for me.

I would rather elect someone who is genuine, intelligent, kind, honest, well spoken, thoughtful and confident. When I am unable to base my vote on a person or cannot relate to any particular candidate, I then look at what we are likely to get from the candidate if a party is elected into power.

In this particular election, I feel that Americans are unfortunately in a position where they must vote between two primary candidates who are not ideal and where the disrespect, dishonesty, condescension, arrogance, self-righteousness, phony facades and sarcasm are deplorable.

Both candidates are not likeable. Both rub me the wrong way. Both are not what I would ever want for a country that is so close that it causes my cell phone to send me roaming charges on a regular basis.

Watching the smugness, the fake smiles, the distain, the patronizing tone, the political games, the talking over one another, the attack ads and the superficial conversations that are baiting the media like flies to rotting fish, feels like watching unruly children in a kindergarten class.

American voters can either vote for a candidate of another party, who will not get voted in, no matter how good of a candidate he or she is, they can vote along party lines, despite their awful choices for a candidate, or they can vote for one of two leading candidates who they feel will do the least amount of damage or has the greatest potential for improving the country.

If the Democratic candidate gets in, she will represent the pseudo status quo. If the Republican gets in, he will represent potential economic growth.

I believe that the reason that the Republican candidate received more votes at a Republican Convention than any other candidate in the history of the United States is because he represents the potential for economic restoration, business and growth, creating jobs or bringing jobs back to the United States.

I think they figure that if he is worth several billion dollars that his business sense will be able to help the United States dig themselves out of the trillions of dollars in debt, that they are currently in.

If a Republican is elected, at least they will be able to push their agenda through, whatever that is, unlike any Democratic candidate who has had to constantly battle the opposition at the higher level of government.

All above options are sad, in my opinion. I am sure it is not the first time in history where there are no likeable candidates; however, somehow, the country is still standing.

The good news is that whoever is elected will not be single-handedly making decisions. There are thousands of intelligent people who will be working on behalf of their government to move the country forward.

I will be watching to see what happens next. I hope whoever is elected will do well, by the country. What happens there, unfortunately does affect us. I just wish that they had better options. Just my own personal opinion but I feel relieved that I don’t have a vote.

Julie Hryniewicz
Julie Hryniewicz has been an inspirational speaker, adult educator and workshop leader for over thirteen years. She is the author of ‘Whole Living’ (2009 – DVD), ‘Natural Balance: How to Energize, Heal and Simplify Your Life’ (2006 – Book) and ‘What Happened to my Tires?’ (2004 – CD). You can find Julie on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/JulieHryniewicz. For speaking engagements, she can be reached at juliehryniewicz@gmail.com.


  1. America wants change….this is what change looks like.
    Guessing what will happen is a pointless exercise…we’ll know what we know, when we know it.
    Too bad that a country founded on choice has such limited choices

  2. Reg
    With Hillary commander in chief
    she will start WW3, always demonizing Russia.You can only poke a bear for so long
    With Trump, there is a chance for peace contrary to popular belief

  3. Yes, it’s a very sad situation, Julie
    If Trump wins this, somehow, the U.S. will be in huge trouble in many ways.
    He doesn’t have a clue about what it really takes to be the commander in chief.
    Hillary, well, sadly, she is the only other choice.

  4. Mike

    And if Bill runs it more decimation. Again history
    The debt is 20 trillion
    Over the last 8 years the debt has grown by 9 trillion ( out of that 20 trillion)
    You call that running a country

  5. Hi Julie,
    In your column you state that the republican candidate will be “creating jobs or bringing jobs back to the United States.”. He has a horrendous record with employing people and he also has plants in other countries, eg: Mexico. He is only there for himself and to boost his already enormous ego.
    He, I feel, is not a good representative of the USA and has no more room in his mouth to put more feet in. He doesn’t think before he speaks and that would not be good for the USA.
    As far as Hillary is concerned, I am of the opinion that if she gets in, Bill will be running the country anyway.
    Just my opinion.
    Have a great day.

  6. If Hillary is elected it is decimation for the country
    We know what Hillary stands for.
    She has history

    If Trump is elected we don’t know what he will do. Maybe prosperity or maybe not. But not status quo,that is for sure

    If I was American I would vote for change

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