It must be the long weekend…


If you want to save some cash at the pumps you might want to fill up while you can.

Several local gas stations have already posted gas prices about 10 cents higher than yesterday. This morning, stations are expected to up the price to $107.9 that’s a 10 cent jump from yesterday though you can still find some good deals if you act quickly.

The new Circle K station that recently opened at the corner of Pine and Second Line is still posting fuel at 95.9 cents while the Macs station on Great Northern Road and Third Line is even cheaper at just 94.2 cents  Canadian Tire is also posting lower prices this morning 95.9 on Great Northern Road and 96.9 on Second Line and Wellington Street West.

The big guys, such as Petro Canada, Shell and Esso jumped the gun and currently posting at $107.9 as of Wednesday morning.

As usually supply and demand for the long weekend is likely to blame for the sudden increase.  It’s not certain at this time if the smaller stations will join up and up the prices today.