Jodi talks money , but not during Coronation Street


With Financial month coming up in November, our attention swings into all things financial , be it stocks and bonds, savings and planning for the future. We tracked down Jodi Nastor from Edward Jones to discuss financial matters.

Jodi Nastor is one busy lady. When she’s not volunteering for various causes like Habitat for Humanity or being  part of  the organizing committee for the Alzheimer’s Ladies Nite Out, you will likely find her at her McNabb street office talking money and your finances.

Find out why Jodi Nastor thinks anyone with any budget can become a successful investor – watch the video

As long as it doesn’t happen during Coronation Street, the long-running British soap opera that airs on CBC. ” I am addicted to watching Coronation Street and most recently Crossfit” Nastor said.  Coronation Street centers around the working class characters that live on that street, they’re not rich or glamorous. Just regular people. Just like most of Nastor’s clients.

“Many individuals are worried about investments, they don’t know enough about them, so nobody wants to talk about them. I want when people come to me, that they feel comfortable  about their investments, about their hopes and dreams”

Nastor started off her career working for banks where she would have to learn about a number of services and programs offered to customers. After several years she decided to focus on the investment side.

“Back in 2001, when I started working as a Personal Banking Officer, I learned about lending money to clients and helping clients invest. I continued to expand my investment knowledge by enrolling in various courses through the Canadian Securities Institute, as I deepened my knowledge I began to realize how important Financial Planning is for everyone”

Nastor says  it is not just all about what stock or mutual fund to buy. Financial Planning incorporates  many areas of everyday life such as  buying a house, funding an education or retirement, protecting those you love, ensuring things are in order for your estate, tax planning and establishing proper business ownership, just to name a few areas.

“I fell in love with all aspects of financial planning and eventually earned my Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP). This top designation is all about honesty & integrity, understanding client needs and goals and always placing the clients’ interest first.” Nastor said.

Nastor says there’s a misconception about investments and money “some think you have to have a lot of money to make investments, but a lot of people are surprised when I tell them, ‘good for you’ for starting. People are different, everyone has different situations/

The most common advice she can give — “Everyone should have their own financial plan. Everyone has different financial goals, needs, means and experiences so to group everyone into one plan or category is not appropriate. Financial planning should be personalized and tailored to match each person.”

Financial Planning Week 2016 takes place from November 20 to 26, 2016. Now in its eighth year and an integral part of Financial Literacy Month, Financial Planning Week is part of an ongoing effort to promote financial well-being for all Canadians.

You want to talk your finances or maybe what’s happening on Coronation Street? You can contact Jodi at Edward Jones 705-253-7799 390 McNabb Street Unit 2
[email protected]