Knights defeat Steelhawks in a well-fought battle


In junior girls basketball action, the Superior Heights Steelhawks faced off against the St. Mary’s College Knights on Wednesday, October 26 at St. Mary’s College. Both teams played a well-fought match and it seemed to be anybody’s game up until the last quarter.

The Steelhawks proved to be very strong and determined when they took the opportunity to get themselves on the score board at 2-0, within the first 30 seconds of the game. As the quarter continued, it was noticeable that the Knights needed to take their time with the ball and slow down the play in order to sink their shots and put themselves in the position to take the ball to the net.

Ultimately, both teams played hard on their respective defensive and offensive ends, which resulted in a 10-5 lead for the Steelhawks at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter both teams played well defensively and struggled offensively when it came to getting the ball to the rim. St. Mary’s managed to put up 7 points to bring themselves to 12 and Superior Heights put up 8 points, bringing them to a 6 point lead of 18-12 at the end of the half. Superior Heights’ Sophie Grawbarger impressively added 4 of those 8 points in the last 45 seconds of the quarter by making two steals with the help of her teammates.

Coming out into the second half of the game, the Steelhawks were determined to try and keep their lead and they showed this through their strong offensive and defensive efforts. When it came to the Knights, they showed some signs of struggle on the defensive end as they continued to let the Steelhawks in and gave them opportunities to score.

Things turned around for the Knights in the last 4 minutes of the quarter when they started to come together offensively and play as one unit. Their efforts showed in the score, as they managed to make their shots and put up 18 points to take the lead. The Steelhawks were able to put up 6 points to end the quarter at 30-24 for the Knights.

In the last quarter, the Steelhawks fought hard against the Knights but they were unable to find a way to break them down and get through to the paint. The Knights worked hard both on the offensive and defensive ends, which gave them the opportunity to score 12 more points. With the Knights playing their strongest in this last quarter, the Steelhawks only managed to put up 5 points resulting in a disappointing 13 point loss.

Leading scorers of the game included Sophie Grawbarger who put up 10 points for the Steelhawks, as well as Alea Nye who put up 9. For the Knights, both Jacey Duguay and Alyssa Rizzo scored 10 points each.

In senior action, St. Mary’s also beat Superior Heights with a score of 31-24. Rachel Rising put up 13 points and Serena Pulente put up 8 for the Knights. While Annie Damignani scored 10 points for the Steelhawks and Carly Richards added 6 more.

The Korah Colts defeated the White Pines Wolverines 42-27, with Tori Ivey putting up an impressive 16 points for the Colts, alongside Averi Bodnar who put up 9. For the Wolverines, Darby Sewell scored 6 points and Riley Dunbar added 8.