Local Small business says, THANKS


By, Tammy Semande Haman

We at Pin-Up Pantry would like to send a big shout out to all of our customers, friends, & family.

Special shout out to saultonline.com for helping to put us out there!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind because of those of you who shared our article, joined our page, or came on out for a fantastic meal! We appreciate all the positive feedback, & encouragement from our beautiful community.

special6pin-upSault Ste Marie has again proved that owning & operating a business in this city is possible!

Our foot traffic has improved dramatically, & the buzz on-line is growing due to overwhelming support. We have a ways to go before meeting our goals, however city response leaves us incredibly optimistic.

What readers & future customers might not know about us:

We specialize in special orders: If you are a vegan,vegetarian, or have any dietary restrictions… We can guarantee a delicious & affordable meal within almost any person’s guidelines

We Cater: Large or small parties, food of any kind

We Cook: Everything from scratch

Thank You again, Sault Ste Marie




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