Long weekend patrol


The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Superior East Detachments will be visible to motorists and boaters in their travels this Thanksgiving Day long weekend as part of the ongoing effort to promote public safety and security throughout Ontario. The public is reminded that arriving safely at your destination is no “accident.” Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC) happen for a reason and motorists should take the necessary steps and make the right choices to arrive alive. A similar message goes out to those on the waterways this Thanksgiving Day weekend, safe boating means smart boating.

The OPP continues to target those who put the wellbeing of others at risk by operating motor vehicles in violation of the law. While on the road drivers need to operate a motor vehicle in a sober state, ensure seatbelts are worn properly at all times while in motion, obey the posted speed limits and follow at a safe distance and use only a hands-free communication device while operating a motor vehicle.

While on the waterways smart boating includes ALL persons, operators and passengers alike, wear an approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD). Carry a Pleasure Craft Operator Card; operate vessels in a sober state and respect rules and regulations that promote safe boating.

Sober operation of All-Terrain vehicles (ATV), wearing of helmets and responsible driving behaviour is the order of the day. ATV riders must ride in a sober state and carry their drivers licence, ownership and proof of insurance while on the trails.

“The Superior East OPP wants everyone to arrive safely at their destination this weekend. There will be a higher than usual traffic volume on area highways and all drivers have a role to play in keeping highways safe. Keep your mind and eyes on the road at all times. One moment of inattention can have life altering consequences.