Pap tests save lives, book yours today!


October 17-21 is Cervical Cancer Awareness Week and Algoma Public Health wants to remind you about the importance of regular Pap tests.

“Cervical cancer is caused by abnormal cell changes on the cervix that often show no signs or symptoms. The Pap test is a simple screening test that can detect these changes before cancer develops,” said Michelle Luckhardt, a public health nurse at Algoma Public Health.

“Rates of cervical cancer have decreased over the past decade, largely due to screening programs. When cervical cancer is found and treated early, the chances for successful treatment are much higher. We would like to see this progress continue and see more individuals getting regular Pap tests.”

Although rates of cervical cancer are steadily declining, in Ontario approximately 630 people are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. Most cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed in individuals who have not been screened, or have not been screened regularly.

During Cervical Cancer Awareness Week, the Algoma Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic will be holding a free clinic for anyone in Algoma that is in need of a Pap test.

“The Algoma Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic has held annual Pap test clinics to help members of our community access a service that is fundamental to their health,” said Ali Pettenuzzo, a Nurse Practitioner Lead at the NPLC.

For more information, or to book your Pap test today, contact the Algoma Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic at 705-942-4717, your health care provider or health centre.