Sault to miss winter’s first major dumping of snow


Just a few days ago, was first to tell you that snow was in our immediate forecast. Originally there was a chance of the Sault seeing about 1 to 2cm of snow come Thursday morning and although it was certainly cool enough to support snow this morning.  Things have changed.

It now appears the bulk of the potential snow will fall east of the Sault, with Subury being the starting point and stretching into the Muskoka area – where several centimeters of snow could fall by Friday.

Sault Ste. Marie could still see some of the white stuff, but most likely it will be mixed with rain so little to no accumulation is expected.

A warming trend will now develop for next week leaving us with slightly above normal temperatures reaching into the second week of November. Temperatures are expected to rebound to plus 9 for next week and although temperatures will be on a roller coaster of up and down into the end of the month, only trace amounts or mixed precipitation is now forecast for the area with accumulating snow pulled back until the end of November or the first week in December. That’s the call for now.



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