There is a reason they call it “Making Music”


by, Tammy Semande Haman

Jenny & Keith Jazz Standards. This amazing duo had their debut this Sunday afternoon, & it was an awesome show. They have been friends for years, & met while in University. Recently they decided to join forces, and are available for hire! They selflessly volunteered to donate their time, effort, & talent to a Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser at a local cafe Pin-Up Pantry.

Keiths love for the guitar began when he was a teenager. Believe it or not his Mom was taking lessons & one day he simply decided to pick up Her guitar. In seconds he was playing ” Dust in the wind & reading notes as if they were plain English. He would go on to study music, & graduate from Algoma University with a B.A. in music.

Jenny studied at the University in psychology, where she joined Algoma University Jazz Ensemble. She had a passion for the piano since childhood. It was a very natural transition, when she began to apply it to her everyday life. Listening to her sing is such a sweet & soulful experience.

I highly recommend them, I will most definitely hire them. Absolutely perfect for gatherings of any sort, they blend in to the background when needed & showcase some flash at just the right time.