Timberwolf Sighting in Garden River


Citizens are advised to keep cats indoors,  a tight leash on dogs, and generally don’t let pets wander around outdoors without supervision.

Sgt. Karen Bell, Anishinabek Police Services told saultoline, “Our night shift officer is conducting patrols with a rifle, because it (timberwolf) has taken off with two small domestic animals. Two dogs have been confirmed as being taken. One resident witnessed a dog being carried away by the timberwolf. We know it has to be destroyed. I’ve been in communication with the MNR. They don’t have the ability to assist us other than to offer guidance.”

“We’re getting complaints in hot spots where the timber wolf has been spotted. Based on the paw prints, we are thinking that there may be two timberwolves. Reports are stating that one is a gray colour and one is a darker colour. Reports are being shared that one appears to be  limping, and may be wounded. Wolves normally travel in packs, so it would be rare for a timberwolf to be alone.

The last sighting shared with Anishinabek Police was in the vicinity of Big Arrow Confectionary & Gas station around 7:00 pm on October 25th, 2016.  The two small dogs were taken from that area.

Garden River FN Chief Paul Syrette has issued the following letter: Posted Here

Release Issued Wednesday evening by Anishinabek Police Service

The Anishinabek Police Service has received sightings of a large timber wolf at various locations within the community especially in the populated areas.  This animal has been described as a very large black/grey animal.  It has been confirmed that it has taken small household pets which have not returned.

Sightings are mostly in the evening but a few reports have been in the daylight hours.  It is also noted that the calls are increasing.

The Garden River First Nation Band and police are actively attempting to locate this animal and remove it from the First Nation.  The public is being reminded to use caution and be vigilant while outdoors.  Keep household pets indoors if possible and be conscious of children while playing outdoors.

The public are invited to review Google ontario.ca.wolves and search for preventing and managing conflicts with coyotes, wolves, and foxes for more information.

Police are requesting that the public report any sightings to them by calling 1-888-310-1122.