Tracy’s Dream continues to inspire

Cheryl Caswell presenting Caswell Concrete's cheque to Tracy's Dream Fund co-cordinator, Dennis Dinelle

A  launch date for the 2nd annual Tracy’s Dream Calendar is set for the second week of November, 2016. A calendar with a purpose, featuring stories of cancer survival, told by  survivors and further expressed through photography by Kevanna Studios, is a collective creative endeavour for Tracy’s Dream Fund.

20161006_125436 Tracy Dinelle worked tirelessly to elevate the issue of cancer patients receiving treatment at Sault Area Hospital, by supporting those patients through Tracy’s Dream, a fund established to off-set the cost of parking at SAH. Tracy passed away on June 21st, 2016. She was 52 years old, and lived a life that is still touching people in ways that are meaningful and kind today.

An emotional meeting of the minds and hearts that coordinate Tracy’s Dream Calendar was held on Thursday, October 6th, 2016 at Kevanna Studios. Paula Pigeon, Lynne Palumbo, Dennis Dinelle, Rena Ross and Anna Pelletier shared some of the insights into the soon-to-be-revealed calendar for 2017 with saultonline.

20161006_13093302017’s Tracy’s Dream Calendar will be a testament to cancer survivors of the male persuasion.

“This year’s calendar is masculine.” shared Paula Paula Pigeon, a co-coordinator of Tracy’s Dream Calendar. “All of the months feature men from the District of Algoma that are cancer survivors. We’re really excited about this project.”

“We wanted to focus on all forms of cancer in regards to helping patients receiving treatments at SAH. We were fortunate to find twelve men who were willing to put themselves out there and share their story.” said Dennis Dinelle.

“Calendars should be ready by November 11th.” said Pigeon. “A new twist this year are sponsorships, which help with the cost of printing the calendar.”

20161006_123632Organizers were mindful to pair sponsors with the men represented each month through their interests. “For example, one of the survivors is passionate about travel, so he is matched with a local  travel agency.” said Pigeon.

“Originally Paula approached me to support the 2016 calendar. For this year, we thought that getting men involved would help to further support the broad spectrum of cancers that we see in our area.” shared Kevanna Studio’s professional photographer Anna Pelletier. “I wanted to spend time with each of the men, and find a way to incorporate their story into the image; To find out what their interests are, and reflect that story with each month’s photograph. The photo shoots took place over the month of August, and were all done outside of the studio, on location.”

Organizers didn’t want to give too much away, but shared that the ages of the men are between 28  to 70 years old. Business sponsorships have been robust for the 2017 Tracy’s Dream Calendar.

For the second year running, Stone’s Office Supplies and graphic designer, Alisha (Gilbert) Celletti, are taking on the layout and design, as well as printing of the 2017 Calendar.

Recently, Tracy’s Dream fund received a large donation from Caswell Concrete in the amount of $5,000. Dennis Dinelle told saultonline that the fund is currently sitting at $30,000.00. “The sale of last year’s calendar and ongoing donations to the fund continue to keep Tracy’s Dream Fund replenished.”

“I want to encourage cancer patients to access Tracy’s Dream Fund through Sault Area Hospital. Monthly parking passes and tokens are available to support people who are undergoing treatment at the hospital.” he said. Dennis and Tracy Dinelle were married.

“People often comment that they don’t access Tracy’s Dream because they feel they would be taking away from someone who needs it more. Tracy’s Dream is not just about financial support.” shared Dinelle. “Tracy established her dream to relieve some of the stress that comes with the burden of facing parking cost. Having tokens or a pass provided really does do that for a patient. There is no fumbling looking for $6.00 to put in the meter or having to go to the cashier all the time to make a parking token purchase.  All cancer patients are encouraged to access Tracy’s Dream.”

20161006_131217Rena Ross, Tracy’s mother was also part of the day’s announcements, and continues to champion Tracy’s Dream Fund.

Saultonline will continue to follow Tracy’s Dream and the 2017 Calendar’s big reveal in November.

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