Try this “Ideal Stretch”


If you suffer from back pain, knee problems and poor hips, you might be interested in trying out a new device on the market that promises to give you relief.

“it’s effective within seconds ,you will feel how easy it is to use with minimal effort.
The safest way to stretch hips and hamstrings is on your back” said James Mills, CEO and President of Healthgear Medical.

IDEAL STRETCH correctly aligns you while stretching.  It’s light weight  and made from the highest quality materials, it’s portable and folds in two allowing users to travel with it to the cottage or while on vacation.

Mills says the device is covered by most insurance companies when accompanied with a Dr’s Rx decrease stiffness, increase ROM, reduce risk of injury, helps relieve post exercise stiffness, may help with posture, reduce muscular tension, may help with overall muscle efficiency, promotes circulation, decrease chances of low back pain and stretch before exercise.

“This is a great opportunity for a company in Sault Ste Marie to grow even further increasing employment opportunities in the Sault and other cities across Canada.” Mills said.

If you would like a free Demo, you are welcome to come and try and see it at Healthgear Medical  262 Queen Street east.