Wet and chilly, how it feels to be homeless


The 8th Annual James Street Soup Kitchen Sleep-Over.

20161028_192353With approximately 98 participants registered for the annual fundraising event, the James Street Mall area became a thriving community of make-shift box sleeping arrangements. While temperatures didn’t dip below freezing, it was certainly a damp and chilly night.

20161028_192741Alan and Joanne Waller were participating for the first time. Joanne is a regular volunteer at James Street Community Centre and Soup Kitchen, She told saultonline, “It is important that we do these things to raise awareness of homelessness in our community. I like that the monies raised stay right here, locally.”

20161028_192807Alan Waller’s telephone booth themed shelter was created with  ‘Dr. Who’ in mind.  He also wanted to pay tribute to the Canadian Armed Services and Remembrance Day, depicting a moving scene on one side of Joanne’s shelter.

20161028_1937540Tarmo Veedler has been participating in the annual sleep-over since the beginning. He was busy with shelter construction when saultonline visited the event. “My church always makes the chili for the sleep-over.” he said. Veedler is a member of Seventh Day Adventist.

Inside the Community Centre, volunteers were preparing food, and hot beverages.

20161028_19212920161028_19235820161028_1921140Folks of all ages were treated to live music . Several musicians were slated to play throughout the night, including well-known local singer Val Powley.

‘Band Camp Rejects’ was performing to an appreciative crowd when saultonline was there.

General Manager, Ron Sim stated, “Without community support, we would not be able to do offer the programmes and hot meals, and services  we provide. The Sleep-over is one of our main fundraising events.”

Monies raised continued to come in, as participants arrived. saultonline will share an update, once the tally is in.



  1. A little update: The Tardis won “Most Creative Box In The Event” – no prize, just bragging rights. The real winner that night was The Soup Kitchen 🙂

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