What’s this guy doing?


This is local firefighter Rob Greve, who is on day 12 of his push-up challenge to raise awareness for those in the services suffering from PTSD.

“It’s to draw attention to that plight,” said Greve.

Every day Rob challenges someone else on social media before he begins his routine of pushups.

He has dedicated days to those in the armed services and police that have helped give him determination, like Scotty Roberts who recently passed away who was military, John Faught who was military and died in Afghanistan, Joe MacDonald who was police that died in Sudbury and Donny Doucette, who was also a local police that died.

Rob was first challenged locally by John MacFarlane who is another local firefighter.

“There’s lots of local firefighters doing this to raise awareness for PTSD and the fallout from it.”

United States military units are doing it on social media as well and it’s starting to become popular.


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