Wine Now Available On Grocery Store Shelves But Not The Sault


Starting today, 67 grocery stores across Ontario can sell both domestic and imported wine, as well as beer and cider, increasing convenience and choice for consumers.
Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance, was at Coppa’s Fresh Market in Toronto today to announce the 67 store locations, including 20 independent grocery stores and 47 stores owned by large grocers.

Sault Ste. Marie didn’t make the cut. Timmins, Sudbury and North Bay were included in the list. Pino’s Get Fresh was named the single grocery store to sell Beer on store shelves earlier this year.

These stores are in addition to the 57 across the province already selling beer and cider. Ultimately, beer and cider will be available in up to 450 grocery stores across Ontario, including 300 that also sell wine.

Ontario maintains a strong commitment to social responsibility. By law, grocers selling beer or wine must have designated sales areas and standard hours of sale, abide by limitations on package size and alcohol content, and follow staffing and social responsibility training requirements. Ontario will develop a comprehensive alcohol strategy to promote the responsible sale and use of alcohol in moderation.

Offering consumers more choice and convenience while improving opportunities for business is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.

For a map and list of the authorized grocery stores that sell wine, beer or cider on shelves, visit Not every location will have wine available today. Authorized local grocery stores will have further details.