Wolverines face 19 point defeat on home court

bbIn senior girls basketball action last night, the St. Mary’s College Knights defeated the White Pines Wolverines 30-11. Both teams played a well fought game but the Wolverines seemed to deflate in the second half.

In the first quarter, both teams came out strong defensively which allowed for the Knights to only put up 4 points and the Wolverines were able to put up 3. As the quarter continued on, both teams stayed strong defensively but, the Knights managed to gain strength on their offensive end within the last two minutes. This new found energy and strength allowed for the Knights to put up 10 more points to finish the quarter with a lead of 14-3.

The Wolverines came out strong on both the offensive and defensive end in the second quarter as they were able to put up 8 more points, bringing them to a score of 11. Whereas the Knights ran into some trouble in their offensive efforts due to the fact that they couldn’t seem to get their shots in. Even though they struggled, the Knights still manged to put up 4 points, to finish the half with a score of 18-11.

Coming into the second half, the Knights proved to be very strong defensively. They stood their ground in their own end of the court and this resulted in the Wolverines being unable to put up any points throughout the entire quarter. The Knights also played very strong offensively within the last few minutes of the quarter, where they managed to put up 5 more points. They finished the quarter with a 12 point lead of 23-11.

It was noticeable that the Wolverines were really struggling when they still were unable to put up any points in the last quarter. Ultimately, they were given a few opportunities to put up some points, including free throws, but they were not able to sink their shots. On the other hand, the Knights played a strong defensive and offensive quarter which enabled them to put up 7 more points to capture a 19 point victory over the Wolverines.

Leading scorers of the game included Serena Pulente and Rachel Rising for St. Mary’s, who both scored 8 points each. For the Wolverines Darby Sewell put up 7 points and Madison Assiginack put up 3.

Also in senior action last night, the Korah Colts captured a 30 point victory over the Superior Heights Steelhawks with a score of 60-30. Leading scorers from Korah include Tori Ivey with 14 points and Averi Bodnar with 13. Annie Damignani from the Steelhawks had 13 points and Carly Richards had 6.

In junior girls basketball, the Knights defeated the Wolverines 35-12, with Alex Dewar from the Wolverines scoring 3 points. Leading scorers from St. Mary’s include Alyssa Rizzo with 12 points and Jayme Meser with 6.

The Colts also defeated the Steelhawks in junior action with a score of 30-22. Sophie Grawbarger and Hailey Helix from Superior Heights both managed 7 points each, while Korah’s Skylar Toms put up 12 points and Hannah Jodoin put up 7.

Next girls basketball action is on Wednesday, October 26 where Superior Heights will play at St. Mary’s College and Korah will play at White Pines.

All junior games start at 5:15pm and all senior games start at 7:00pm.