23 homes without water

PUC Watermain Break

PUC are reporting a water service interruption in the central part of the city.

At approximately 3:00PM , 23 customers in the Borron Ave and MacDonald Ave had their water services interrupted, as a result of a broken water main. PUC repair crews have been dispatched and have started repairs. During the repair process traffic flow may be restricted in the affected areas listed below. This traffic restriction is necessary to ensure the safety of repair crews as well as the travelling public.



  1. My dog will drink from a scrungy mud puddle before he drinks tap water here now…I never drink water anyway unless it’s distilled and mixed with hops and barley so I really don’t care much, one way or the other….LOL..

    • My Lab is the same way, he turns his nose up at our wonderful improved water.
      It has to be pretty bad when pets won’t drink it.
      I still say PUC should be paying for all of our bottled water and filters/jugs.
      We have over $1000 in receipts, think they would reimburse me?
      P.S. You should drink more water.

  2. No great loss unless they need to flush or have an itchy shower, our new improved water is not consumed in many, many households.
    I bet people would be shocked to see the percentage increase in bottled water sales since this ongoing nightmare began.

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