A local story of Excellent Care to ‘Light up the Tree of Hope’


In November of 2015, Kassandra McLean went into labour several weeks early. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Kade. Kade was premature and still needed time to develop. He was cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where the staff of our Hospital has access to incubators, specialized light systems and pieces of equipment designed to monitor his tiny heart, assist his growing lungs and help nurture him to full strength.

This story has been shared to help kick off the Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s Tree of Hope campaign this year. Kassandra, Travis and their family came forward to help spread this experience from late last year. They have always thanked the exceptional healthcare professionals that cared for their family through the weeks after Kade’s birth, but feel a strong connection to this community and the generosity shown to ensure our local Hospital has the equipment needed to care for patients. The family wanted to extend their thank you to the whole community for ensuring the healthcare professionals at Sault Area Hospital had the tools needed to not only care for Kade, but to keep him close to home during the care.

1“None of us plan to be affected by health concerns or emergency situations, so when it does happen, it is incredibly important to have an excellent Hospital in our community. When it comes to ensuring our Hospital has the medical equipment it needs, we have to thank our donors for making it possible. Without our community’s support, we would not have access to the medical technology our staff needs to care for local patients.” Cheryl Pavoni, Executive Director, Sault Area Hospital Foundation.

This holiday season, let us put ourselves in the shoes of the patients that visit our Hospital each and every day. The patients that:

need medical equipment for live saving treatments as they battle cancer, kidney related illnesses and more,

face traumas, concussions, broken bones and unknown ailments and require further tests from the proper equipment to decide proper treatment. This includes CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, blood tests and more,

are in a continuous battle over mental illness,

visit the Operating Room with no other option than the invasiveness of surgery.

Let us think of these people, our friends, family and fellow community members and consider how incredibly important hope is.


The McLean Family have placed the first ‘because iCcare ornament’ on the Tree of Hope to share their story and spread hope this holiday season. They believe that other families will relate to their story, consider their healthcare a priority, and support in the best way that they can.

Gifts to the Foundation this holiday season can be made in honour of a family member, client, customer, friend, teacher, neighbor, hospital staff member, physician or volunteer.  Gifts can also be made in memory of the person you miss the most. A card will be sent to notify a friend or family member of the thoughtful gesture and indicate your choice to support local healthcare.

Donors are encouraged to send a message for the Tree of Hope. The Foundation will write it on an ornament to hang and help inspire the patients of this community and their families throughout the holidays.

To make a donation, please call (705) 759-3848, visit the Foundation office, which is located at our Hospital behind the information desk in the main lobby of SAH, or visit our website HYPERLINK “http://www.sahfoundation.com/treeofhope”www.sahfoundation.com/treeofhope

The Sault Area Hospital Foundation thanks the community, in advance, for their consideration. Quality local healthcare is a priority in all our lives; let us think of our loved ones this holiday season and ‘Light up the Tree of Hope’. Thank you for making our healthcare a priority.