An Urgent Matter


On any given day a bunch of local volunteers spends endless amounts of hours each week tending to the cat overpopulation in Sault Ste. Marie. TAAG also known as The Animal Assistance Group receives no funding and relies on donations from the community to help and save hundreds of cats and kittens a year.

The group is under a lot of stress to continue.

“This past month or so has been crazy, we have been out literally every night rescuing kittens and mama cats so they don’t go feral and the mammas don’t keep having litter after litter outside. The shelter is full,” said TAAG volunteer Andrea Caldwall.

TAAG (The Animal Assistance Group) is seeking immediate sponsors for Spay Neuter Surgeries & Kitten wellness checks as well as food donations of good quality kibble, wet food, and treats to help support the high volume of cats rescued in the past 2 months through TAAG.

Due to the high volume of emergency rescues in the month of September and October 2016 TAAG (The Animal Assistance Group) is in dire need of funding for vet care for up 50 rescue kittens, momma’s and abandoned or abused cats rescued or released to TAAG in the past few weeks. TAAG is a nonprofit low kill shelter who has been helping low-income families spay or neuter their pets for 25 years. They have also been instrumental in addressing the problem of homeless, abandoned, abused & stray cats in the city of Sault Ste Marie, TAAG has a network of experienced foster homes throughout the city working on rehabilitating and socializing the many abandoned & abused animals in our city back into loving homes. Both the shelter and all TAAG affiliated foster homes are over capacity.

TAAG receives no funding from the city and is dependant on donations from the community & corporate sponsors to continue to help so many animals. Their efforts to control the pet overpopulation in the city of Sault Ste Marie & surrounding areas has resulted in TAAG neutering 214 males, spaying 238 females and rescuing hundreds of cats & kittens in 2016 from life on the streets or abusive & neglectful situations. Only 10 cats have been euthanized in 2016 at TAAG due to illness.

TAAG rescues also receive vaccinations, medical care & medications. All animals are tested for Feline Leukemia & FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency virus) before being adopted out into forever loving homes. They also have a screening process that includes a home visit to ensure these cats & kittens are being adopted into good homes & will get to live out their lives as indoor cats in a safe and loving environment.

If you or your company wishes to support TAAG & help them save lives Please consider sponsoring a cat or kitten or donating directly to TAAG to help these poor babies get the vet care they need so they are ready to be adopted out into find loving forever homes.


Male Neuter: Wellness Exam, Booster Shots, Rabies. $100 USD ($120 CDN)

Female Spay:Wellness Exam, Booster Shots, Rabies. $145 USD ($175 CDN)

Kitten Wellness Exam: Booster shots, Rabies, Felv, Fiv tests.$50

Check out the cats and kittens currently waiting for a home.

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