ARCH Hospice is expanding


ARCH Hospice is expanding, and the most important part is why.

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the expansion of ARCH Hospice is underway. We passionately believe in building a strong community, and our Hospice is an essential element to this beautiful place we call home.

Since opening our doors in 2008, ARCH has supported over 1,500 local families with quality care, and has touched the lives of nearly every person in the Algoma District. With Hospice serving the community, and the community supporting Hospice, we have built a symbiotic relationship. We strengthen one another.

At Hospice, we see that dying happens to all of us. We support quality moments – the ones that make us feel awake. Loved. Human. We offer peace, warmth and comfort.

When asked why ARCH expansion matters, the answer is clear. It matters because each individual we call mom, dad, son, daughter, partner, sibling, friend, or neighbour, matters. Expansion matters, because we matter.

As we have done with hundreds of local families, we ask that you join us on this special journey. Together, we invest in our community’s care and comfort.

We want to help our community more, and this expansion will help us do that. In addition to new services such as paediatric palliative care, day hospice and outreach, we are growing education programs and grief support. At 10,500 square feet, ARCH Hospice is 25 per cent smaller than the average hospice size in Ontario. Our expansion will add 4,800 square feet, with 4,400 square feet of dedicated new programming and resident care areas. A multipurpose garden room, new paediatric suite, family vigil space, children’s playroom, and wellness area are the highlights of this addition. A wheelchair and bed accessible landscaped exterior provides the serenity that only nature can. Additional parking and enhancements will improve the existing building.

In order to guarantee the success of the expansion, the additional services, and our ongoing programs we are seeking community support. For more information, please visit or call Lee at ARCH Hospice at 705-942-1556 extension 222.