Canada’s Leading Referral-Only Cannabis Clinic now helping patients locally


Cannabinoid Medical Clinic (CMClinic) has recently partnered  to offer patients in rural communities  the benefits of medical marijuana. CMClinic is a referral-only prescription cannabinoid clinic with highly trained physicians specializing in the field.  Two of CMClinic’s specialists will be hosting lunch and learns at various clinics in Northern Ontario to help educate local physicians on the need for cannabinoid therapy, the telemedicine process, and why referring to specialists is highly recommended.

The goal of the partnership is to help patients who live a long distance from a CMClinic get access to a specialist for assessment for cannabinoid therapy. The majority of medical marijuana patients come to CMClinic for chronic illnesses and conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, MS, cancer, and anxiety.

Cannabinoid Medical Clinic was Canada’s first and now largest referral-only cannabinoid clinic, operating in ten locations in four provinces including Ottawa, Toronto, St. John’s, Halifax, and Edmonton. “We have partnered with the OTN to accept referrals for telemedicine out of our Ottawa Clinic from other locations in Northern Ontario such as Sault Ste. Marie” said Jessie Dawe Canabo Medical Corp.

Patients must be referred to CMClinic by another physician. After being referred, the patient will have some tests done at a nearby lab that will be faxed to CMClinic before their teleconference appointment. Their appointment will take place at a local OTN-approved clinic, where the patient will talk to the physician via video conference to assess if they are suitable for cannabinoid therapy.

If they are prescribed medical marijuana, they will work with the CMClinic clinical cannabinoid educator to choose a licensed producer and a strain. This provides a great opportunity for those suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses and pain to benefit from the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids with the highest standard of patient care, without risking opioid addiction and other adverse effects that are associated with typical painkillers and medications.

Physicians and educators at CMClinic have undergone extensive training to become familiar with the 80+ different strains of marijuana and cannabinoid oils, to properly prescribe their patients with the best strain to maximize benefits and patient function.

“We have seen many of our patients benefit from the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids and are excited at the opportunity to help those in rural areas by eliminating the inefficiencies of traveling to our physical locations” said Taylor Lougheed, CMClinic Physician.