Colts defeat the Knights to finish season at 9-0


Last night’s high school basketball action saw the Korah Colts defeat the St. Mary’s Knights by 20. This concluded the regular season games and allowed for Korah to come out undefeated.

Right from tip-off both teams showed that they were in it to win by playing strong both offensively and defensively. Korah proved to be slightly stronger offensively as they were able to get the ball to net and score 4 points within the first 3 minutes of play.

dsc00384The quarter was very physical and this resulted in many fouls against both teams, which made for a long 8 minutes for the spectators due to constant stoppage in the play. By the end of the quarter the score was very close at 9-6 for the Colts.

Coming out into the second quarter Korah became even stronger offensively and managed to put up several points throughout the 8 minutes. The Knights struggled against the Colts’ offense which made scoring 13 points much easier for Korah.

The Knights also struggled against the Colts’ defense which resulted in only 2 points being added to their total. This brought the score to 22 for the Colts and 8 for the Knights at the end of the half.

dsc00393In the second half the Knights came out much stronger offensively compared to the first half and managed to put up 8 more points. They did their best defensively as well, as they tried to keep the Colts from bringing the ball in the paint. Both teams were fouled several times and many of their points came from shooting free throws. In the end, the Colts were able to score 10 points to put themselves at a 16 point lead of 32-16.

The final quarter showed some very rough play, which resulted in multiple fouls from both teams as they tried their best to play strong both offensively and defensively. With their strong efforts the Colts managed to put 10 points, while the Knights put up 6. The final score to end the game was 42-22.

Leading scorers of the game included Tori Ivey, who put up 17 points for Korah, while Shea Gioia added 10. For the Knights, Emma Hendrie scored half the points with 11, while Serena Pulente added 3.

dsc00398Also in Senior action, Superior Heights managed their first win of the season against White Pines with a score of 42-35. Leading scorers included Annie Damignani with 16 points and Sarah Mcleod with 12 points for Superior Heights. Riley Dunbar put up 18 points for the White Pines Wolverines.

In Junior action, Korah defeated St. Mary’s by 12 with a score of 41-29. Cassandra Carlson scored 12 points and Sam Hyde added 10 for the Colts. While Victoria Dunham put up 8 points and Jacey Duguay added 6 for the Knights

Superior Heights also defeated white pines in the junior division with a score of 34-20. Leading scorers included Sophie Grawbarger with 17 points for the Steelhawks and Shenay Chamberlain with 6 points for the Wolverines.

As this concludes the regular season, these are the final standings:


Korah (7-2) win tiebreaker
St. Mary’s (7-2)
Superior Heights (4-5)
White Pines (0-9)


Korah (9-0)
St. Mary’s (5-4)
White Pines (3-6)
Superior Heights (1-8)
The semi-final games will be played on Wednesday, November 9:

Junior @ 5:15pm
White Pines at Korah
Superior Heights at St. Mary’s

Senior @ 7:00pm
Superior Heights at Korah
White Pines at St. Mary’s

The finals will then take place on Saturday, November 12 at Superior Heights with the Juniors playing at 5:15pm and the Seniors taking the court at 7:00pm.