Cougars fall to Saints in Home Opener


On Saturday October, 29 the Sault College women’s basketball team faced off against the St. Clair Saints in the season’s home opener. The game took place at 6:00 pm on the Sault College court, with fans of all ages showing their support for the home team.

The game commenced shortly after the singing of the national anthem and the introduction of the starting line ups for both teams.

img_7224Right from tip-off, the Saints came out strong and proved they were here to compete as they successfully scored 7 points in the first two minutes of the game. Ultimately, both teams were strong in their offensive and defensive efforts.

The Cougars fought hard as well to try and keep themselves in the play, managing to put up 11 points by the end of the first quarter. The Saints put up 17 more points to finish the quarter with 24 points, leading the game by 13.

img_7170-1In the second quarter, the Cougars continued to fight hard to stay in the game but the Saints seemed more determined to win. This showed in the score as the 13 point lead changed to an 18 point lead. The Cougars managed to put up 12 points throughout the entire quarter, bringing them to a total of 23 points. While the Saints put up 17 more points to end the half with a score of 41-23.

After an eventful half-time of dancing with the mascot and a lucky contestant getting the chance to shoot for $1000, the Cougars came back onto the court much more determined than they were in the first half. They fought hard and tried their best to take the ball into the paint but ultimately, their efforts fell short.

img_7166On the other hand, the Saints took their largest lead of the game with a score of 49-23. They added 4 more points on top of that to end the quarter with a score of 53-30, while the Cougars managed to put up 7.

In the final quarter, the Cougars played their best on the defensive end; they were able to hold off the Saints to the best of their ability and keep them out of the paint. This resulted in the Saints only putting up 8 points throughout the entire quarter. The Cougars also put up 8 points, finishing the game with a score of 61-38.

img_7161Leading scorers of the game included Shannon Kennedy with 18 points and Elena Caldarelli with 11 points from St. Clair. Sault College’s Taylor Blair had 14 points and Brooke Bellerose added 11.

Even though the Cougars suffered a loss by 23, they proved to be a strong team who is not willing to back down from a fight. This also showed in their 18 point loss to the Saints on October 30. Both teams played a well fought game that ended with a final score of 57-39.

The Sault College women’s basketball team still have a long season ahead of them and they can be found on home court again when they face the Humber Hawks on November 19 & 20.