Grand View School needs your old batteries!


Grand View school needs your help to win a province-wide challenge which will help you get rid of some old batteries you may have laying around the house.

“We are asking for the community’s help by donating used batteries to Grand View school in our run to win the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge. The contest runs from October 17, 2016 to April 21st, 2017 and we are currently in 4th place.” said Karen Cormier from Grand View School.

Grand view public school  The challenge is a competition between 125 elementary and secondary schools in the province of Ontario to see which schools can recycle the most batteries. The program aims to teach children and their families about the proper way to handle, store and recycle batteries at home and at school. The OSBRC schools have taken a pledge to recycle as many single-use batteries as they consume each year! The goal is to recycle an average of 1.36 kilograms for every student and staff enrolled at each school. 1.36 kilograms is what the average Canadian household accumulates in one year.

“So far our school has recycled 100% of our share!”

Each participating school collects recyclable batteries including AA, AAA, C, D, 6V, 9V and button cell batteries made of alkaline-manganese, primary, lithium, silver oxide, zinc air and zinc carbon chemistries. Participating schools are awarded a point score based on the weight in kilograms of single use batteries collected by a school during the Challenge period averaged over the number of students and teachers at that school.

The tops three schools share a percentage of a cash prize pool and 10% of the prize pool goes towards the Sick Kids Foundation. It’s an awesome way for the students to learn about the importance of battery recycling, for the community to keep the landfill free of batteries and for the school to potentially receive a monetary prize. The added bonus is the Sick Kids Foundation benefits regardless of who wins the Challenge.

“Grand View would definitely be appreciative if the community could help us move up the leader board by encouraging the community to drop off batteries at our school or at either of the Lyons Timber Mart locations where they have a collection bucket for us.” Cormier said.

They also have buckets at the school for those who wish to take them to their work place to collect. They also can email Cormier at [email protected] or call Grand View school 705-945-7148 if they have a substantial amount of batteries and we will arrange for pick up.

You can obtain any additional information or follow Grand View on the leader board at this website: