Letter: Dear Mr. Mayor


The following letter was originally sent to Mayor Provenzano. The writer has not received a response from City Hall

Attention: Mayor Christian Provenzano
Subject: Mary Ave Traffic

Dear Mr Mayor;
This letter is a first effort to have the City resolve the vehicle traffic problems on Mary Ave.
The problems are twofold as follows:
1.City Buses (North Street route)
• Excessive bus speeds causing houses to shake and vibrate resembling the consequences
from minor earthquakes.
•City Buses on the North Street route supposedly have a restricted speed limit on Mary Ave
imposed by the bus management.
•Despite repeated calls to their management many of the drivers continue to ignore this
•Few if any residents in this area use the city bus.

2. Daily vehicle traffic to/from Fort Creek area and Sackville Rd.
•Mary ave should be renamed “The Mary Ave Expressway”.
•Many Vehicles to/from Fort Creek or Sackville Rd. are traveling well in excess of legal speed
limits enroute to their destination.
•Young children on the street are liable to have serious injuries from one of these vehicles if this situation is not corrected.
•Recently even GFL trucks use Mary Ave as a shortcut to their destination from their gated area at the North end of Sackville Rd.

Mr Mayor among others two solutions to these problems are:
•Reroute the City Bus North Street route to exclude Mary Ave,
•Restrict access to Mary Ave from North Street or Sackville.

These solutions would ease the difficulties current Mary Street residents are experiencing while providing a safer street for young children who are often unaware of vehicles.

Thank you for the attention to this matter. I will look forward to your response and proposed
Ian McKay
13 Mary Ave


  1. I live in the Fort Creek area and must say I disagree with the above letter. Mary Avenue is a vital access point to hundreds of homes in the area. To block it would be the homeowner’s gain and loss to all other homeowners in the area. It’s bad enough if we want to drive anywhere north of Second Line we have to drive out and back up. Once the Sackville extension is completed it will be a real win for the residents in the area and many other citizens in the community, causing traffic relief to the busiest intersection, Great Northern & Second Line.

    As for the transit concerns, more often than not they are going slower than the posted speed limit on North, Sackville and Mary as they are usually ahead of schedule. The claim nobody uses the bus stops is also false. I do see area residents using the bus stops in the area every morning, and even more at at Superior Heights, and the Finnish Rest Home.

    The transit system has had Mary Ave. on it’s route for a very long time, and as a neighbourhood we should be fortunate we have service so close to our homes. Proposing to eliminate transit off Mary Avenue would be irresponsible.

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