Algoma Power customers pay some of the highest Hydro bills in the province

Power Bills

When it comes to your hydro bill, residents in Algoma are among the highest according to research conducted by the Financial Post in  October 2016.

Algoma Power locally, charge customers some of the highest rates in the  Province. According to the research, Algoma customers pay on average, $222 a month based on 1000 kWh of power. Algoma Power has one of the lowest densities and so the rates customers pay are due to the cost of transmission to remote areas.  On average in Ontario Low density customers in rural locations pay about $258 a month including HST based on 1000 kWh per month. Those in high density locations, such as Toronto pay about $30 a month less.

In Sault Ste. Marie, the average bill based on the same power consumption pays $178 a month including HST. That will drop to about $157 come January 1st when the Ontario government  drops the HST portion on hydro bills. According to PUC distribution, Sault Ste. Marie customers pay the 4th lowest rates in the Province.  Customers of Algoma Power pay some of the highest.

Though Ontario now has the highest rates in Canada, it’s not the most expensive in North America. That goes to San Francisco where customers pay out on average $430 (cnd) a month based on the same power consumption. Montreal meanwhile posts some of the cheapest power rates at only $100 a month.

There are 80 power distribution companies in the Province, Hydro One being the largest. Of the 80, the average bill is between $180 and $195 a month.

To read the full report from Financial Post go here




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