Updated: Sault Police Officer Charged with Assault


On the evening of the 24th November the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service received a complaint of assault and threatening from a male which involved a 15 year constable of the police service who was on leave from active duty.

As a result of a criminal investigation; charges of assault, threatening and mischief have been laid against the off-duty officer. The officer was arrested on the 25th of November, released from custody on a promise to appear and is scheduled to appear in court at a later date to answer to the charges.

nocc6“The decision not to release the name in this case is mine and is based on information which I was in possession of at the time of the arrest and balanced the expectations of the victim, media/public/community, and the accused. I have made the decision not to identify the accused officer, which I have done in rare circumstances in the past for other accused because I have an obligation to balance the interests of all involved parties.” states Chief Robert Keetch.

The officer is charged with historical mischiefs involving a female victim as well as assault and threatening charges involving a male victim from the incident reported to police on the 24th November.

Previous Report

A Sault Ste. Marie Police Officer has been charged with assault, allegedly on a female adult.

The officer, who is not being named by Police Services is a 15 year veteran of the force.

City Police say the constable in question is suspended from duty and is on a leave of absence.

The charges were made last Friday. An investigation will be conducted under the Police Services Act.


  1. A big part of why disrespect and fear of police is so widespread is that they are seen to consider themselves above the law. While I’m sure that it is usually just a case of one bad apple, the bunch certainly appears spoiled when even good cops do not police themselves and turn a blind eye to the actions of those few bad apples.

    Whether they call it “professional courtesy” or the blue line, it amounts to corruption. If the police do not legitimately police themselves, then who will? The SIU is mostly just retired cops investigating other cops, and we have seen here in the Sault how effective this seems to be. They really are above the law.

  2. Such bull!! Cops is this city are messed up! Post the name for the public to see because if it were anyone else you wouldn’t hesitate!! Double standards all around.

  3. They don’t publish names when a domestic disturbance is involved, spousal assault. They don’t publish names when children are assaulted. Perhaps a victim needs protecting in this case as well and to identify the officer would also identify the victim.

    • “They don’t publish names when a domestic disturbance is involved, spousal assault.”
      This was neither of those things, simply a case of favoritism.

  4. Tighten the ranks one of our own has acted up again….if this was a regular person…their name address as well any previous charges would have been posted….after all the public needs to know the menaces in society….we put our trust in individuals to protect our homes,families… come on people….dont fall asleep….

  5. another example of the thick blue line ,, is the criminal getting paid to await trial ? of course , and on the off chance the witnesses survive to testify and the thug is found guilty does he keep the money ? what a joke ,

  6. Being “charged” with assault and being “found guilty and convicted” of assault are two totally different things. The complete ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me. *sigh*

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