Some one tried to skin this kitten alive in Garden River


Another horrific case of animal abuse is making its rounds on social media but this case is too close to home.

Nancy Stewart – Lynett of Fort McMurray is looking for help in finding the culprits who physically abused a seven-week old kitten and then proceeded to try and skin her alive.

“I am looking for ANY information whatsoever regarding a case of animal cruelty that took place mid-late October in Garden River of this year. A group of teenage kids we’re caught trying to skin a 7 week old kitten alive. They had thrown the kitten in the air, kicked her and started to skin her alive. They began at her mouth and were on their way to tearing her legs apart when a young girl heard the commotion outside of her home and ran to save her.” she posted on the TAAG facebook page.

The woman goes into detail about what the alleged teenagers were doing to the kitten.

” They began at her mouth and were on their way to tearing her legs apart when a young girl heard the commotion outside of her home and ran to save her.
The young girl and her grandmother brought the kitten to The Animal Assistance Group in Sault Ste. Marie where she was treated and fostered. The vets in Michigan tried to surgically pull her skin forward to connect her bottom lip but weren’t successful. Hazel could barely walk when she was brought in to Sault Animal Hospital in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan.”

Stewart – Lynett has since moved to Fort McMurray “I have adopted Hazel and she is living the life she deserves with my other pets here in Fort McMurray”

hazelThose with any information are asked to contact Anishnabek police (705) 946-2539), the SPCA (705) 949-3573), TAAG  (705) 575-7030), Sault Animal Hospital in Michigan (906) 635-5910 (under the name Spike) and/or the O.P.P.

“I want these kids caught before it happens to another animal. People who abuse animals are more likely to hurt people. This is why it’s so important to report animal abuse. Not only will you help Hazel, but you will help your community to be a safer place for everyone.”

Stewart – Lynett is offering $150 reward for valid information that may lead to the abusers being found .


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  1. They were obviously cowards. Anyone who victimizes innocent helpless animals and children are afraid of anything that can fight back. The girl who ran out to see what was happening scared the little pieces of #### off.

    • But did she? If she was “tough enough” to scare them off why isn’t she “tough enough” to report them. There is a lot more to this story. Kids talk yet no one has come forward. Was she involved?

  2. Someone has to know something. Come forward and expose the disgusting pieces of human garbage. The worst they’ll get is a slap on the wrist but I really hope some justice will be served.

  3. Food for thought – Clarification and what not….
    The kitten was found on the reserve and brought up to TAAG. There were 2 unknown boys, one had a stick. The young female thought they were going to hurt the kitten so she grabbed it and took it home, where she noticed it had no teeth and the bottom lip was cut. Calling her gramma in tears, they brought it up to TAAG. That’s done. The kitten got the medical attention it needs and has a forever home out in Alberta now. End of Story.
    Here is a chance for the parents to have a discussion with their kids. Bring up the topic, “have you ever noticed anyone looking like they are hurting animals?” Turn this into an opportunity to learn and share with the kids. Acknowledge that community members and others are angry, disappointed in this behaviour on our First Nation. Encourage the kids to be able to talk about any misdeed that they happen to see out and about. The kids need guidance to deal with new experiences in life. If they happened to see something, but are not able to communicate about it, how will the parent know how to help them?

  4. I believe people are born this way – with a streak of cruelty and they are the evil-doers of tomorrow. Thank you to the little girl and grandmother who came to the kitten’s rescue and standing up to what’s right and decent.

  5. I’m so HAPPY that the precious little kitten was rescued by that BRAVE girl, and her wonderful grandmother. Hopefully those rotten to the core little BASTARDS will be yanked out from wherever they’re hiding and seriously held accountable for their perverse acts of CRUELTY. They need their sorry asses HARD-KICKED then mandatory therapy. I would never trust these budding sociopaths around animals nor young children…ever!!! Each of them needs to be kept track of…they shouldn’t be allowed to slip through the cracks in order to lose sight of them. However in the meantime first they need to be found ASAP…before they have a chance to repeat these crimes on other defenceless animals.

  6. This infuriates me and makes me so sad!! What kind of sick piece of work can do this to a helpless creature? You can bet this isn’t the first time they have done this. To their parents……you better get your head out of your ass and start looking at what your teens are up to or you will be visiting them in jail one day for murder. To the sick thrill seeking pieces of crap that did this…..your day is coming so you better sit back and laugh about this because they are coming for you and believe me……you won’t like it!!!

  7. Lynett, I’m happy to hear you’re providing the kitten with a much deserved loving home. And, I’d like to congratulate the young girl, whoever she is, for being brave by intervening and doing what is right by trying to stop what was happening to this poor kitty. Also a thank you to her grandmother for taking the kitten and bringing her to receive medical attention.

  8. This is terrible! I would of took the cat also! I hate when I hear stuff like this , breaks my heart. Need more caring people
    Like you ! I’m sure he will be spoiled and so happy! ?

  9. Treat them as they did to the kitten. Than I bet they will not like how it feels….but i would suggest skinning their fingers up to their wrists first.

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