Superintendent Announcment!


The Algoma District School Board is preparing to say “Thank You” and “Best Wishes” to Superintendent Brenda O’Neill who is retiring December 12th. Mrs. O’Neill has extended her sincere gratitude for the opportunity to lead and learn within the Algoma District School Board. Director Lucia Reece, Senior Administration and the Board of Trustees have expressed their thanks for the many contributions Superintendent O’Neill has made, particularly in helping to build leadership capacity across the district and in supporting school improvement strategies. Mrs. O’Neill will be turning her attention to family, balance and other opportunities to fully explore learning, teaching and leadership.

With Superintendent O’Neill’s departure, the Board has officially appointed Marcy Bell, who has been in an Acting Superintendent role, to the position of Superintendent effective December 12th. Thus, to fill the role of Acting Superintendent (one ADSB Superintendent is currently continuing a secondment with the Ministry), the Board has appointed Carol Lucio.

Carol Lucio graduated from Lakehead University with concurrent degrees in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has her specialist qualifications in both Primary and Special Education. She obtained her Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Assessment from Charles Sturt University in 2009. This is Mrs. Lucio’s 24th year with the Board and for the past 11 years, she has been a Vice-Principal and Principal in a number of schools and is currently the Principal at Mountain View Public School. Mrs. Lucio has been a strong advocate for mentoring/coaching new administrators and has recently worked as the lead for the Board’s Leadership Development Strategy. Mrs. Lucio is passionate about public education and very excited to start her new position and continue her learning.

Director Reece noted, “We are always both sad and happy to see our leaders retire, however, we are deeply grateful for their leadership and academic contributions. We are also truly fortunate to be continuously developing leadership and to have strong leaders across our district who are ready and willing to step up, to further their learning and to contribute to our successes. I wish Superintendent O’Neill and her family many happy new adventures and I look forward to working with Superintendents Bell and Lucio.”


  1. Congratulations Brenda and Carol. Two very fine individuals.
    On a bit of a side note but related to education, on the matter of retired teachers continuing to show up in class rooms as supply teachers. This is an absolute shame with so many young teachers trying to stay in SSM. As one of many examples, the other day, an older retired teacher shows up to supply teach. She says, sheepishly, she doesn’t really need to be there but the extra money does help. Both her and her spouse and have good pensions. Seriously!!! The people in the room just looked at themselves with a puzzled look on their face. Why does this continue ? Our youth need action, and they need it now !!! School Boards and especially trustees need to deal with this, but, the question continues to be, when will they ???

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