Tracy’s Dream:The 2017 Unveiling


With a blessing and grace led by Father Jerry, the 2017 Tracy’s Dream Calendar was officially unwrapped on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016. The Special Events Room at OLG Casino (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario) played host to an anticipatory crowd, all waiting to see the finished product of many months and hours of hard work.

20161115_191900  Also embedded in the hard work, were the collective hours, days, weeks and years of cancer survivors whose personal journey into, through, and ultimately from, cancer are translated and reflected in Tracy’s Dream Calendar 2017.

Welcoming and thanking everyone for attending, (the late) Tracy Dinelle’s champion and husband, Dennis Dinelle, spoke about the components that came together to create Tracy’s Dream Calendar 2017.

20161115_1955361“I would like to begin by acknowledging the work of Paula Pigeon.” He said.  I’m certain that none of you would be here tonight had you not been touched in some way by Tracy or Paula’s magnetic, inspirational journeys.  As with most dreams, fundraising is monumental to the success of sustaining that dream.”

20161115_195519The funds raised through Tracy’s Dream Calendar and other fundraising initiatives, continue to support the original idea that Tracy Dinelle had. To offer a token of kindness, in the concrete form of a parking token for Sault Area Hospital’s parking lot. Now at $6.00, the cost of parking can and does create undue hardship on persons attending for ongoing medical treatment at SAH. Several trips per week can add up really fast, and for many, it is an extra burden on an already tenuous hold on well being. Tracy Dinelle was the spark that lit the fire. Today, Tracy’s Dream is a tangible offering, from heart to hand. Tracy Dinelle passed away on June 21st, 2016, at the age of 52.

20161115_1954401“An enormous amount of time and effort has gone into the making of the calendar.”  Shared Dennis Dinnelle. “I am proud to be part of this community.”

20161115_192451Sandra Hollingsworth, Sault Ste. Marie’s Acting Mayor for the month of November (2016), said, “Thank you so much for what you are doing in this community. While Tracy is no longer in our midst, we can take solace in knowing that Tracy’s Dream lives on. Her drive, fearlessness and animated spirit lives on with us.”

Indeed, Tracy’s spirit lives on in her own father, Jack Particelli, who is featured as Mr. May in the calendar. A poignant and tranquil scene captures the essence of Tracy’s Dinelle’s father. Dinelle is pictured along a Goulais Bay (Lake Superior) shore, holding a beautiful photograph of his daughter, Tracy. Particelli casts his gaze out to the deep waters, where the promise and hope of a fresh fish swim elusively in the lapping waves.

20161115_2003391Father Jerry (Jaroslaw Lazoryk) needs no introduction. As the active and much loved pastor, St. Mary’s Catholic Church at the top of St. Georges Ave. hill, he is called upon often to support community. For the Tracy’s Dream Calendar 2017, he was called upon in a way that will forever immortalize him as, Mr. September.

The Calendar features twelve gentlemen from the Algoma region. All are survivors of wide ranging forms of cancer. Each month tells a story. Photographs were taken on location, capturing twelve dynamic scenes.  Each photo shoot was tailored to share the story of the man, in a way that highlights their unique spirits. From the St. Mary’s River Rapids to Sailors’ Encampment on St. Joseph’s Island; from travel aficionado to sports car enthusiast to Sanctuary, to golf course, and much more, each calendar month expresses an individual story through personal written text by the gentlemen, and the creative lens of photographer, Anna Pelletier.

20161115_1956130The 2017 Calendar is further sponsored by local businesses. The organizers were mindful of matching each sponsor with the individual story that best suited the survivor featured in the photograph.

The twelve calendar men are: January, Rick Wark; February, Rick Thomas; March, Barry Lyons; April: Dan Lachowich; June: Fraser Craig; July: Bob Travaglini; August: Daniel Harasymiw; September: Father Jerry; October: Gerald McGuire; November: Danny Giddens; December: Dave Comfort.

Tracy’s Dream Calendar 2017’s design team consists of:  Marnie Stone and Alisha Celetti, (graphic designer), Stone’s Office Supply;  Anna Pelletier, (photographer) Kevanna Studios; Lynne Palumbo, (Event & Sponsorship Coordinator); and the Coordinator of it all, is Paula Pigeon, who began, together with her friend, Tracy, the vision that became, Survivors Calendar 2016 and 2017.

20161115_195739Dennis Dinelle would like to encourage folks receiving ongoing treatment at SAH to reach out to Tracy’s Dream Fund for support. “Tracy established her dream to relieve some of the stress that comes with the burden of facing parking costs at Sault Area Hospital.” he said. There are now three locations in The Sault to pick up tokens. East end, north-central and the west end. “The fund is being constantly replenished, through fundraising and donations from businesses and individuals.”  Tracy’s Dream can be found here:

And on Facebook here:

There are numerous calendar sales dates scheduled at The Station Mall leading up to Christmas. Nov. 28, 29, 30 Dec. 3, 4 9, 10, 11 17, 18  confirmed. Check links to Tracy’s Dream for more dates, locations of calendar sales, and other fundraising initiatives ongoing.

Tracy’s Dream Calendar is $20.00 and is gift well given.