The red scarf that does more than just keep you warm!


As a result of continued community support and success, HARP (HIV/AIDS Resource Program) is pleased to announce the launch of their third annual RED SCARF CAMPAIGN.

The Red Scarf Campaign will see red scarves tied around lamp posts, street signs and fence posts – free for the taking on World AIDS Day, December 1st. Scarves will mainly be distributed in high‐traffic locations, and each red scarf will have an HIV information tag pinned to it. The goal of the project is to educate and raise awareness around HIV/AIDS to prevent new infections, and encourage community members to get tested.

This year HARP asked for donations of red scarves to be submitted a week before World AIDS Day at one of the following donation locations: Algoma Public Health, Shabby Motley, John Howard Society or Group Health Centre. Minttu Kamula, Education and Prevention Coordinator at HARP, said that they have seen a significant contribution of scarves. “The Red Scarf Campaign is so grateful to the countless members of our community who took the time to knit, crochet or donate a scarf. Without your support and involvement we would not be able to do this campaign.”

For next year, HARP would like to see the Red Scarf Campaign reaching the entire Algoma District beyond Sault Ste. Marie. HARP is encouraging any groups who would like to partner with them on the Red Scarf campaign for 2017 to please reach out to them by calling HARP at 1-888-943-4372.

About HARP:

HARP provides education and support for local individuals infected, affected or at risk of HIV/AIDS and related issues. Through presentations, workshops, information sessions and conference, our team delivers information on HIV/AIDS, safer sex, and other issues. Outreach services are provided with the help of community partners by developing strategies on harm reduction for safer sex and intravenous drug users. HARP also provides LGBTQ support services.

For more information please contact:
HARP (HIV/AIDS Resource Program)
(705) 759‐5690