The up and down saga of local gas prices


Have you noticed it? For the last month gas prices in Sault Ste. Marie have been on a roller coaster. Some days the price has fallen below 95 cents, and in the same day, the same gas will jump to over a buck.

The up and down prices locally started when Circle K came to town.  New competition for the market. Circle K seems to have taken a position of price setter. The competition has followed.

Makes you wonder just what the fuel actually costs when local stations can up their prices ten cents in one day and then lower them the next morning. The morning, by the way, seems to be the best time to get the big savings at the pump.

On Tuesday morning, Circle K was the lowest in town at just 92.5 cents. By the afternoon it had shot up to $1.07 a litre. By Wednesday morning though the price had dropped back down to 95 cents. Petro-Canada posted prices Wednesday morning of just 93 cents.

Among all gas stations in the Sault, there’s a price difference of almost 7 cents depending on where you fill up.

Come January 1, 2017, a new carbon tax will automatically raise prices by 5 cents a litre (including HST)  So enjoy the savings while you can.

Even though drivers in Sault Ste. Marie are currently enjoying low prices, down south it’s even more affordable. The lowest prices being posted Wednesday morning can be found in Cornwall, Ontario at just 87 cents a litre, while to our north, White River stations posting prices about 20 cents higher at $1.18 a litre. The highest prices in the province can be found in Pickle Lake, Ontario at $1.49 a litre.


  1. with Wynnebag’s carbon taxes taking effect Jan. 1st, bridge traffic to Sault Michigan should jump up considerably. Too bad I can’t get my home heating gas delivered from Michigan. Hell….bring on the global warming! It will cut down my home heating bill and I can have a vegetable garden all year long, so there is a positive side to global warming after all. So much for the gloom and doom sayers!

  2. We all know we’ve been getting gouged for decades by M’cGouger fuels and others because they are all in it together. A big thank you to Circle K for forcing these thieves to lower their outrageous prices.
    Soo Michigan is selling gas for $2.14 a gallon.
    What they do here is nothing short of legal robbery.

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