US Presidential Election 2016. Sault Michigan Votes


In what has been called the most polarizing and divisive election in modern American Presidential campaign history, is today, the date when the whole machine comes to a grinding halt. November 8th, 2016 has arrived.

No doubt, Canadians, especially those citizens living in border towns all across the Country, will be watching with anticipation for the final vote tally.

SaultOnline took a trip across our shared border with The United States of America, and paid a visit to one of the polling stations in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. The Soo Township Municipal Office saw steady traffic of voters heading in to mark their ballot. Thank you to all of the voters who stopped to share reflections with saultonline today.

Living on the border with our biggest trading partner, Canadians living in the Algoma region, enjoy, a historical friendship with our American counterparts. We log frequent flyer miles at the CanUsa Border crossing. We have favourite places to shop, and to recreate. We have a shared economy, with both Canadian and American citizens working in various  professional capacities on either side of the border.

20161108_122713 Many Canadians and Americans share common passions for music, for example, and are part of several local choirs. Chamber Singers of Algoma, recently traveled to Escanaba, Michigan for a Fall concert. Several members of the choir are Americans. The Sault Symphony Orchestra is another example of Americans and Canadians making music together. Dr. John Wilkinson, conductor is an American.

20161108_12310220161108_123112Lake superior State University’s significance to both Canadians and Americans cannot be over-stated.

Faith based organizations travel freely to and from, both sides of the border, to forge strong relationships and shared values.

In June each year, we come together in ‘The Friendship Walk’, the annual International Bridge Walk. The Lock City Chorus of Sweet Adelines, also comprised of Canadian and American voices, sings both national anthems during ceremonies that kick off the `Bridge Walk`; A trek that begins on the grounds of Lake Superior State University`s Norris Centre.

us-electionFor some, there are CanUsa family connections, and for many, there are friends who have become part of the family.

Folks from Soo, Michigan, who spoke with saultonline today were all united in one thing. The sheer exhaustion of the election campaign has weighed heavy, and the fact that today has arrived is welcome news.

And now we wait. Will our neighbour be painted blue or red in the morning? Whatever the colour, or color, we are most definitely, a special place in the CanUsa equation.


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