Why We Wear Our Poppies Proudly


By Lyle Bailey

We wear our poppies each year to remember our fallen men/women, we wear the poppies to show that we as benefactors of the sacrifices made are thankful. The poppy has long been a symbol of this nations respect for all our war vets, past and present. We must never allow this simple but amazingly symbolic poppy to vanish from our lives.

We have been given the chance to live, be free, and celebrate, something a lot of men/women were not allowed. Their sacrifices being the most costly, we will not forget. The poppy does not symbolize the war itself, nor does it symbolize the destruction and chaos. No it symbolizes the men/women, the sacrifices, the bravery, and the Canadian values we still hold dear. So wear your poppies proudly Canada, wear it with great love and respect.

“never in the field of human conflict, was so much owed, by so many, to so few”
Winston Churchill



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