10 to 15cm expected locally, has winter finally arrived?


Environment Canada said to expect a fresh blanket of snow in the Sault to start the work week.  A slow moving low pressure system that originated in the gulf states bringing with it a lot of moisture bumping into the cooler air moving in from the north west.

No warnings or watches are in place. The snow amount doesn’t meet criteria , the slow moving system will likely drop anywhere from 5cm to 15 cm with higher accumulations east of the city by Monday afternoon. Take caution when  traveling. Even though the snowfall amount does not reach a warning status doesn’t mean driving conditions are anything but ideal.

Will this snow stick around for Christmas? It could if the long range forecast holds true. A short rebound to plus temperatures this week could melt most of the snow depending on the accumulation, however, a shot of arctic air is ready to move in by the end of the week plunging us into the coldest air of the year so far with more accumulating snow expected at the same time.