21 years ago the roof collapsed at the Station Mall


As Sault Ste. Marie prepares for what could be a record snowfall Wednesday and Thursday brings back memories of a major snow event that occurred 21 years ago today in Sault Ste. Marie. Winter arrived early that year with two days of major snowfall.

At this point Sault Ste. Marie had already seen well over 100 cm of snow on the ground with another 85cm to fall during the day. At around 9am the roof came crumbling down in the middle section of the expanded mall.

The weight of the snow wasn’t too much for the roof of the Station Mall, the way it was constructed turned out to be the problem. According to the library archives on December 14, 1995 the Station Mall experienced a devastating roof collapse.  The area between phases two and three, formerly known as the Fountain Court entrance of the Station Mall, collapsed.

Fortunately there were no injuries although one woman was treated for shock.  When the area was repaired, the original fountain was not replaced.  A report stated that snow accumulation triggered the collapse but did not cause it.  The cause of the collapse was faulty welding.  The report that was released in January of 1996 indicated that no charges would be laid.  The engineer, Kadlec, was no longer an engineer at the time of the incident.  His engineering license had been revoked in September of 1994 and his company, Beta Engineering Consultants Limited’s, certificate of authorization had been revoked as well.