37 collisions in the past two days


The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service is reminding the motoring public to use caution as winter weather conditions continue to create less than ideal driving conditions in our area. In the past 48 hours officers have responded to 37 Motor Vehicle Collisions and have received multiple calls regarding erratic drivers.

Motorists are reminded to slow down and use extra caution while city crews continue their efforts to clear and sand/salt the roadways. While Public Works has all available snow clearing equipment deployed, road conditions are poor due to the amount of snow that we have received. Residents are reminded to keep vehicles off city streets to enable crews to clear roadways.


  1. Ridiculous these people need their drivers licenses pulled. They don’t deserve the right to drive if they can’t avoid hitting things after a little bit of snow. They are the ones that drive our insurance rates up to the point where some cannot even afford them any more.

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