Be careful when using your ATM card


The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service would like to alert consumers about two occurrences locally where skimming devices have been located in point of sale terminals. These “deep insert skimmers,” are wafer-thin fraud devices made to be hidden inside of the card acceptance slot on a point of sale terminal.


Deep insert skimmers are different from typical insert skimmers because they are placed in various positions within the card reader transport, behind the shutter of a motorized card reader and completely hidden from the consumer at the front of the ATM or hand held terminal. Skimming devices were found within local hand held terminals (INGENICO and MONERIS) using chip technology. Two different types of devices have been recovered; one with a thin metal frame and the other is more of a flexible plastic frame. The device itself is inserted into the card reader of the “pin pad” and remains there while other cards are used and subsequently exploited. The device itself collects the credit card information and subsequently interrupts the wireless signal to the point of sale terminal, compromising the information.

The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service Fraud Unit is asking businesses to examine their chip reader inserts in all terminals and for consumers to check their credit / debit statements for unauthorized purchases and transactions. Galaxy Cinemas in the Station Mall and both McDonalds Restaurants are three businesses that police are aware of that have recently been compromised. The skimmer in the attached photo was removed from a drive thru terminal at McDonalds on Trunk Road on 01 December 2016 by the terminal service company.